Gold suede two tone shoes by Carvela: Google and Alma

Following on from what I was saying earlier today about websites you wish you hadn’t visited, because as soon as you land on them you realise they’re going to lead you into temptation, as Kurt Geiger has already claimed a significant amount of my money this month, I’ve been forced to employ a strategy I call, “Pretending Kurt Geiger Doesn’t Actually Exist”. Snappy name, huh?

My strategy worked perfectly. For, ooh, at least five days. On Friday I did not look at Kurt Geiger. On Saturday I did not look at Kurt Geiger. On Sunday I did not… well, actually, OK, on Sunday I may have had a quick look. Just a very quick one. It wasn’t until today, however, that I discovered Google. The shoes, I mean. Not the search engine. If I was only just now discovering Google the search engine, that would be a sorry state of affairs indeed. But I refer, of course, to this beauty:

Gold leather. Cream suede. Such a perfect combination, don’t you think?

“Aha!” I thought. “Pretty though it is, I will not be swayed by this Google, for it has an open toe, and I have promised myself I won’t buy any more shoes with open toes until all of the existing pairs have been saved in the Shoe Challenge.”

And that was when I met Alma:

“Damn you, Carvela, and your toe-capped goodness!” I cried. “You know perfectly well I can’t resist a toe cap!” And this really is a lovely example of one too, isn’t it? The colour combination is somehow very luxurious, and while the pale suede isn’t exactly winter-proof, that just gives you all the more reason to buy them now.

Want to? Click here to do it.




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