Sigerson Morrison bright yellow platform birdcage sandal

I’m obsessed with yellow at the moment. Totally obsessed. I’d wear it from head to toe if I possibly could but, well, that would look kinda stupid, wouldn’t it? And bright. Veeeeery bright. I’d look like a Popsicle, in fact. But I digress…

This particular shade of bright yellow can be difficult to wear because, as glorious as it is (it’s the colour of sunshine, in a child’s painting. How could you NOT be cheered up by that?), it’s so bright it’s going to totally dominate most other shades. And that’s why I particularly like these Sigerson Morrison sandals: because the strappy uppers will tone down the colour just enough to make them wearable, without toning it down so much that it loses its exuberance. Oh, and the shape is rather lovely, too.

These are $650 (ouch!), are also available in black, and can be purchased at Neiman Marcus: click here to do it.


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