Shoeper Shoesday: Sneakers!

red sneakers with blue jeans

Well, I can’t quite believe it myself, folks, but for the first time ever on this site, I’m wearing sneakers for non-exercise-related reasons!

These are, however, being worn for purely practical reasons. As I’m sure you’re sick of hearing by now, I’m spending this week packing up my house, ready to move on Friday, and after a few days of hauling boxes around and climbing over furniture, I was forced to come to the conclusion that ballet flats just aren’t the most practical choice for it. This morning, then, I took myself back to Primark, and bought a pair of these little red sneakers, which I’d spotted last week when I bought my wedges.

These were only £6, and they had quite a few pairs of £4 ones, too, so at least if I don’t wear them after the move, I won’t have spent a fortune on. So far, I can report that they’re a lot more practical than my flats were, although I DO feel about five years old in them. Ah, well!

I’m not going to have time to do a roundup today, but feel free to join in Shoeper Shoesday on Instagram, using the hashtag #ShoeperShoesday, so I can see what you’re all wearing today! In other news, as I looked at all the boxes of shoes piled up in the living room this morning, I started to think it might be time for another Shoe Challenge. No promises, but I’ll have a think about it once the move is out of the way, and I’m feeling a little more organised again!


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