In My Shoes | Primark nautical bow wedges

Primark bow wedges

casual nautical outfit

This week I’m mostly going to be doing two things:

1. Packing boxes

2. Wearing these shoes

The boxes, of course, are because of the impending house move which is currently dominating my every waking (and sleeping, now I come to think of it) thought. The shoes, meanwhile, are being worn mostly because, well, they’re the only pair of shoes I haven’t packed yet. Actually, no, I tell I lie: I also have an ancient pair of flats, which I’m wearing around the house and to pack the boxes. Every time I’ve left the house, however, it’s been in these, which basically means that my outfits this week will have even more of a nautical theme than they usually do: whoops.

I didn’t actually plan for these to be the single pair of shoes I was left with during the move. Actually, it happened purely because they’re the most recent pair of shoes to enter the house: I dropped into Primark a few days ago to check out their homeware department and see if I could pick up some cheap essentials for the new house. I left with these shoes… and no house stuff. Double whoops.

I just couldn’t resist them, though. For one thing, they were only £10. For another, they’re nautical canvas wedges, and I don’t think I’ve ever met a pair of nautical canvas wedges I didn’t like. For a third, I have a lot of shoes in this style already, but I actually didn’t have a navy pair, and given that I wear navy so often, I figured the purchase was totally justified. I have no regrets, other than the fact that I didn’t also buy them in red, because £10, people, seriously.

Anyway: if you fancy a pair of these, they’re still available in store. I went down one size, as often do with Primark shoes, which I find run quite large: I’ve done a fair bit of walking in them over the few days I’ve owned them (The second photo was taken during a mammoth treck around various furniture and homeware stores on Sunday…), and have found them really comfortable, so maybe it’s not such a bad thing that they ended up being my last remaining pair of shoes after all!

My shoe shelves, meanwhile, currently look like this, prior to being dismantled completely:

empty shelves



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