Shoeper Shoesday | Casdei and Louboutin

This week’s Shoeper Shoesday roundup is a little shorter than usual: we’ve now reached one of those awkward points in the year, where the summer sales are still underway, and the autumn/winter stock has yet to arrive (Not that I’m complaining, mind you: we’re still waiting for summer to arrive here, so it seems a little odd to see all of the summer stock on sale!), so there are slim pickings in the shoe department right now.

There is, however, one brand you can always count on to have something wonderful in stock, sale season or not, and sure enough…

christian Louboutin green glitter ankle strap shoes

Christian Louboutin Tango Alto glitter

Good ol’ Christian Louboutin, huh? If you’d asked me right before I visited the brand’s website if I was in the mood for something green and gittery,  I’d have been all, “Nah, not really: because that sounds like something you’d wear at Christmas, and it’s still the middle of summer. Allegedly.” As it turns out, though, any time is a good time for glitter shoes, and while I have to admit, these will really come into their own during the Christmas party season, they’ve made me smile on a Tuesday morning in June, too, so kudos to them for that.

Next up:

Casadei slingbacks

Casadei slingback pumps

Now, I’m not going to ramble on about these shoes, because, let’s face it, there’s not a whole lot I can say about them that I haven’t said approximately 5,000 times before. I’ll refrain from gushing over the shape of the heel, then, and restrict myself to the observation that while the upper that’s attached to it might not be the most interesting one we’ve ever seen, it IS probably one of the more practical – if shoes with THAT heel can ever be described as “practical”, that is!

And that’s it for this week: hopefully next week will bring some new shoes for us to lust after, as the sales finally start to wind down!

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