Shoeper Shoesday | The weekly roundup of beautiful shoes

It’s Shoeper Shoesday, so let’s just jump right into it, shall we?

navy jewel heeled sandals

River Island navy jewel heeled sandals

River Island have been on a bit of a roll lately, and I’ve actually had a couple of pairs of shoes bookmarked from their website, which had sold out by the time I got round to writing about them: I’m not the only one who likes them, apparently! These ones were still in stock at the time of writing, and I love the fact that they’re navy, rather than the more commonly-seen black: the embellished heel doesn’t hurt, either…

Aquazzura Luna sandals

Aquazzura ‘Luna’ sandals

Silver and gold used to be a big no-no in the fashion world (I can’t be the only one who grew up with the “never mix your metals!” rule, can I?), but it works really well on these pretty Aquazzura sandals.

gold pointed ballet flats

Topshop ‘Vivo’ gold laser cut flats

I wouldn’t normally consider a simple pair of flats to be be Shoeper Shoesday-worthy, but I seem to spend most of my life searching for pointed flats, and only ever finding round-toed ones, so I’m making an exception for these. I also really love the rose gold upper and floral design.

Gucci heart shoes

Gucci ‘Molina’ heart-front shoes

You all know how partial I am to a heart on a shoe, so it’ll come as no surprise to see these heart-front pumps by Gucci appearing in the Shoeper Shoesday roundup. These are actually a little less “twee” than some of the shoes that fit this description, and the black court shoe that heart is attached to is actually quite “sensible” looking to me – a bit like the kind of shoe you might wear to the office, in fact. It might just be the angle of the photo, of course, but it makes the heart seem just a little out of place, so while I’m not totally convinced by these, I couldn’t NOT show you them, could I?

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