Shoe Save # 66/81: Shoot!

green dress and black tights

SHOES: French Connection ‘Jenna’ shoe boots (c/o Spartoo) (buy here)
SAVED: Monday, December 12th, 2011
WITH: Dorothy Perkins dress (sold out); bow belt (probably New Look)

Today, little Shoeperstars, I bring you a special treat: I bring you…outfit photos taken from a slightly different angle! Sorry: I know the photos are a lot more interesting when they’re taken outdoors, but December here is so cold and dark that it’s just not conducive to outdoor photography, so we’re stuck with the shoe shelves a little longer!

I also, however, bring you… NEW SHOES!

Or rather, new shoots. Or shoe boots, for the uninitiated.

These are by French Connection, and they’re what passes for a “practical” purchase for me. Well, sort of. I mean, I’m not going to be wearing them in the snow or anything like that but I really wanted a pair of shoe boots to wear with my jeans and cropped trousers, or with tights, as I’m wearing them here. These ones are super-simple (again!) and really comfortable, so I can see them becoming a firm favourite of mine.

I wore these yesterday, to visit my in-laws, and as I was wearing a full-skirted dress, I obviously had to have a bit of a twirl:

I’m sure there’s some sort of a law requiring everyone who wears a dress like this to twirl in it at least once. Let’s pretend there is…

(The colour of this dress came out different in every shot I took! The “twirling” one above this one is probably truest to the real colour, though…)


  • Argh, the changing colour when photographing anything that is green drives me bonkers! I mean, you look lovely in all shades of it, but I know your colour changing photography pain.

    Love the shoe boots, my only shoe boots have a really pointy toe and I now hate them. You have just put a pair like this on my wish list!

  • Very beautiful shoe boots! Can you believe I have a nice pair from Deichmann, and once I visited a friend in Leeds and forgot one foot/boot there? In 2010! She said she would send it to me, but up to now… I don’t know. Bad is that it was never worn!
    I loved these shoe boots now! And of course, your dress and belt! Gorgeous! Beautiful combination! I love your green dresses!

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