Shoe Save # 49/75: Next Polka Dot Bow Pumps

polka dot shoes red pencil skirt

WHAT: Next polka dot bow pumps
WHEN: Thursday. September 29th, 2011
WITH: Red ASOS pencil skirt, Polka dot bow top, New Look

(Sorry about the blurriness of these photos, folks: I always struggle to get the focus right when I’m using the remote!)

As I mentioned earlier today, we’re currently enjoying some unseasonably warm weather here (yay!), so I thought I’d grab the opportunity to save my final pair of “summer” shoes! (I actually still have one pair of peep toes left – my black Lady Dragons – but although I have actually worn them several times since I got them, I think they’re one of the few pairs of peep toes I’ll be able to wear with tights, so I’m going to try that when it’s a bit cooler and get some photos then!)

I included these shoes in my “must be saved during Spring/Summer” list, purely because of the canvas upper:

polka dot shoes with bow

It’s fine on a dry day, and actually perfect for a day like today, if it’s warm out but you don’t want to bare your toes, because the canvas is much more breathable than leather or plastic, but I don’t think they’d stand much of a chance with the typical winter weather, so I’m relieved the weather decided to play nice and give me another shoe-saving opportunity this week!

And that’s it for the summer shoes! Just in time, too: my boot collection will be coming out of storage tomorrow, and although I’m hoping it’ll be another week or so before I’ll actually have to wear them, at least I know the summer shoes are all “safe” before the winter sets in!

Some more photos under the jump…

polka dot shoes with red heelsPolka dot blouse with black belt and red skirtclose-up of polka dot shoespolka dot shoes with bow on the toe



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