Shoe Deja Vu: Nude heels by Brian Atwood and Topshop

As soon as I spotted these ‘Spear’ pumps on the Topshop website, two thoughts went through my mind in quick succession. No, make that three thoughts:


2. Hey, those remind me of something? I wonder what it could be?


Once I’d stopped drooling, however, I cleared my head, had a think, and remembered the Brian Atwood shoes I showed you back in January. And obviously I’m not saying Brian Atwood invented the idea of a nude shoe with a black heel (Umm, unless he actually did, obviously. I mean, it’s possible that Brian is reading this post and going, “THE HELL I DIDN’T INVENT NUDE PUMPS WITH BLACK HEELS!” In which case, hi Brian! Love you!), and obviously there are differences between these: the Atwood shoe is patent, and has some brogue detailing at the heel, while the Topshop shoe lacks the brogue, and makes do with patent on the heel only. But they’re similar enough to have given me a case of deja vu.

They’re also gorgeous:

The Topshop shoes are £68: click here to buy them. For me.


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