Shoe Deja Vu: Giuseppe Zanotti Vs Sam Edelman

Giuseppe Zanotti Vs Sam Edelman

Now, I know the execution is different here, but bold black and white stripes with a bright yellow heel is unusual enough for it to seem unlikely that Sam Edelman and Guiseppe Zanotti just happened to come up with exactly the same idea, doesn’t it?

I showed you the Zanottis a few weeks ago, and continue to covet them, although I guess the Edleman version is a whole lot more budget-friendly, at just $110 compared to the $750 you’d pay to Zanotti.

Both shoes are available at Shopbop: click here to take a look!


  • I loved the GZ ones! They are elegant! The other pair is quite nice to, but the GZ ones are more elegant, in my opinion! Only the price is also “more”! More terrible!

  • I completely agree with Denise, the pair by Guiseppe Zanotti is definetly more elegant. Even though both designers opted to use the same color patterns, they are two completely different shoes.

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