Shoe Deja Vu: Martinez Valero does Gucci’s tattoo slingbacks

Oh, Martinez Valero, could you be any more blatant?

Although these Valero slingbacks are more-or-less exact copies of Gucci’s tattoo slingbacks from a couple of seasons ago (right down to the colours and design of the rose “tattoo”, I don’t think anyone looking at the image above would have any difficulty telling which was the designer shoe, even if I hadn’t captioned it for you. The Gucci version is a far more elegant shape, a nicer colour, and just looks more expensive, as you would expect given that they ARE more expensive – or rather were. These are past season, so they’re no longer available unless you want to try your luck on eBay or somewhere similar. The Valero shoes, on the other hand, are available at, amongst other places, and are $96.22.

I loved these Guccis when they came out, but, having tried on the originals, I don’t think I could stomach the copies. Could you?


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