Shoe Deja Vu: Gucci Babouska Studded Sandals Vs Jessica Simpson’s ‘Alexandra’

It’s been a while since we had a dose of Shoe Deja Vu around these here parts, so here’s a pretty clear-cut case, from Jessica Simpson and Gucci. The latter’s Babouska’s sandals are no longer available most places, but retailed for over $1,000 when they were first released.

Jessica Simpson’s ‘Alexandra’ shoes, meanwhile, are a different colour from the Guccis pictured, but also come in black, which Gucci also released their shoe in. They’re just £54.80 at Nordstrom.

Why is it that when celebrities “design” shoes, they tend to take “inspiration” so blatantly from other designers? Yes, Paris Hilton, I AM looking at you…


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