Shoe Deja Vu: Lace-up wedge boots by Chloe and Matalan

Matalan are far from the only brand to have offered up their take on Chloe’s leather lace-up wedge boots from last season, but theirs are one of the cheapest versions I’ve found so far, at just £24.

Of course, the Matalan boot is canvas, not leather, and they’ve used a different colour scheme in order to avoid looking too much like the originals, but the inspiration is still pretty evident. These boots aren’t a style I’d normally go for, and I’d never have paid £480 for them, but I must admit, I could have been tempted by the £24 version, which look like they could make a comfortable, casual alternative to heels for Autumn, IF they hadn’t been in a cream canvas, which would remain cream for, ooh, probably about five seconds at most, if I tried to wear them during a typical British Autumn. Or even summer.

If you’d like to give them a try, however, they’re available here.


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