Shoe Deja Vu: ASOS take on Nicholas Kirkwood with their blue buckle platform gladiator sandals


Nope, they’re definitely not identical twins, but the family resemblance is fairly obvious, no? That particular shape of platform is just always going to say “Nicholas Kirkwood” to me, and I’m sure that’s what ASOS intended with these ‘Hectic’ sandals , which also have a similar (although far from identical) buckle detail on the toe, too.

They’re metallic rather than suede, have three buckles rather than one, and are missing the slingback the Kirkwood shoes have, but I still felt a strong sense of deja vu when I saw them. The Kirkwood shoes are hard to get hold of now, but retailed for around £480. The ASOS versions, meanwhile, will cost you just £50 from the ASOS website.


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