French Connection ‘Sara’ shoes with mock snake skin and metallic platform heel


I know a lot of fashion commentators have been claiming that the high heel is on its last legs (no pun intended) and that flats are the way forward, but I have to say, I’m not really seeing much sign of that actually happening, are you? In fact, every day, heels – and platforms – seem to get higher and higher. Pretty soon we’re going to need old-fashioned “mounting blocks” to b able to get into them.

French Connection’s ‘Sara’ pumps don’t quite fall into that category, thankfully, but they are cast in the image of the now familiar chunky-platform: the difference is that these do it a little better than most, and while the gold trim on the sole is a little on the flashy side, I don’t think they’d be too difficult to pull off. They’re £120 and available direct from French Connection.


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