Sally Seashell booties by Haus of Price

If you ever used to read my old personal blog, Forever Amber, you may well know that I have a huge phobia about Things That Live in the Sea. The phobia mostly revolves around crustaceans (I can’t even look at a photo of a crab or lobster, never mind the real thing), but I’m suspicious of almost all forms of aquatic life (other than the cute stuff, like dolphins), and I don’t much like shells, because I always worry that one of my old foes, a crustacean, might be living inside them.

For this reason, these seashell-encrusted booties aren’t my thing AT ALL, but I wanted to show you them anyway, because while we see lots of shoes and boots that are covered with bows, or brooches, or crystals, or whatever, I think this is the first time I’ve seen ones covered in shells:

They’re by Haus of Price, who say the shells are all very securely attached, so you don’t have to worry about shedding them as you walk (she sheds sea shells by the sea shore?). Would you wear them, though? My strong prejudice against shells, as pretty as they are, means I can’t give an unbiased opinion of these, although I can see that they’re very unique, and probably a great talking point. What do you think?

They’re $239 at Stanton James.

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  • At first I liked, but I didn’t see they had shells attached (I thought something like buttons? Pearls?)…then… I can’t think of wearing them. No way, I would feel very strange – and afraid – despite of what you said, that the seller says the shells are well attached, I would fear throwing some in all directions!

  • Oh, what a fun arts and crafts project! Seriously, when I was a child a typical holiday activity would be collecting shells and starfish and glueing them onto picture frames and things like that. I can’t believe it never occurred to us to glue them onto our winter boots. One has to be careful to make sure the animals (as they are of course) are dead, though. There was that one time in Mombasa when one of the shells, a conch I seem to remember, was not. Initially. It died of course, eventually, out of water. The smell was not to be believed. I scrubbed the poor shells with bleach but to no avail, so then I reached for my father’s Old Spice and steeped them in that. Suffice to say, I still feel queasy at the mere sight of a bottle of OS. I do, still like sea-food however.

  • Someone wore their boots, on which they accidentally spilled glue on, and went for a walk on the beach.
    Definitely not my cup of tea. :/

  • Looks like a kid stole mommy’s boots and decorated them with shells as a “surprise” for her (and boy was she surprised). In other words…ick. I would never wear these.

  • I makes me think of the episode of the simpsons where they go to the beach and Lisa’s new friends glued shells to the car and when they are driving home the sea gulls are following them. Marge says “they could have at least cleaned the shells first.”

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