Shoe Deja Vu: Cat print shoes by BC Footwear and Miu Miu

cat print shoes

BC Footwear pumps, $69.95

These shoes look nothing like Miu Miu: not even a little bit. The PRINT on the shoes, however, is VERY Miu Miu: in fact, it’s so similar to the designer brand’s famous cat pumps from a couple of years ago that I actually did a double-take when I saw it pop up again at Zappos. Here are the Miu Miu shoes:

Miu Miu cat print shoes

I remember back when these were released, numerous other brands jumped right on the cat-print bandwagon, and released their own versions of shoes with cats, or other animals, on the uppers. Most of those, however, were “inspired” by Miu Miu in the true sense of the word. BC Footwear’s cat print, though, is SO identical to Miu Miu’s that it almost seems like it must have come from the same bolt of fabric or something: the shoes themselves are as different as can be, but those kitties are very, very familiar!

I guess the good news here is that if you loved the print, but couldn’t afford the shoes, the first time it was available, you now have a second chance, albeit with a different style of shoe. What do you think of these?

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