Shoe Deja Vu: Moda in Pelle ‘Keira’ Vs Christian Louboutin ‘Au Hameau’

Moda in Pelle 'Keira' barely there sandals

Moda in Pelle ‘Keira’ barely there sandals, £79.99

When I stumbled across these shoes on the Moda in Pelle website, I was sure I’d written about them before. A quick search for ‘Moda in Pelle’ on the blog didn’t turn up anything, but then the penny dropped – I HAVE written about these shoes before – in 2013, actually – but back then they were known as Christian Louboutin’s ‘Au Hameau’ sandals:


The heel on the Louboutin version is slimmer and higher, and the colours aren’t exactly the same, but apart from that, it’s very clear where the inspiration for the Moda in Pelle version has come from – to the extent that I’m actually quite surprised they’ve gotten away with it. Viewed side-by-side, it’s immediately obvious which is the designer shoe and which is the high street dupe, but taken point-by-point, it’s a near-exact copy, albeit one which is significantly less expensive: the Louboutin version of this shoe retailed for over £1,000, while the Moda in Pelle shoe is just £80.

With all of that said, regardless of where the inspiration came from, these are beautiful shoes, and the Louboutin version in particular makes me think of Cinderella’s glass slippers – which is never a bad thing for a shoe to remind me of!

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