Shoe Challenge Shoe Collections, Part 2

So, did you all enjoy drooling over your fellow Shoe Challengers (I really need another name for people participating in the challenge, don’t I? Challengettes? Suggestions welcome…) shoe collections last week? That’s good, because today I have some more for you!

As I said, I’ll continue publishing your collection photos up until the challenge begins, but after that it’ll be challenge photos only, so if you want your entire collection to appear here, email your photo to shoepershoechallenge asap. (No pressure, though: remember, this isn’t an official requirement of the challenge, it’s just an optional extra!) When you’re emailing about the challenge, it would really help me if you could include:

a) The URL of your blog, if you have one. (It would also be great if you could link back to!)
b) Your number on the participants list, if you don’t, just so I can update your shoe total, if necessary
c) Your total number of shoes, if you haven’t already given me it.

IMPORTANT! I will ONLY be accepting links and photos via email: if you’ve posted links to your posts on Twitter/Facebook/in the comments section of various posts, there’s a really good chance I’ll either miss it, or forget where I saw the link when I put together the roundup. Thanks!

And with the boring admin out of the way, here are the shoes!

Ila, 80 pairs of shoes

Ana Paula, 57 pairs of shoes

Sweetly Nightmares, 22 pairs of shoes (I think!)

Isabel, 36 pairs of shoes

Fashionitch, number of shoes TBC

Chrissy, 25 pairs of shoes

Kerry, 40 pairs of shoes

Daisy, 85 pairs of shoes


  • Love looking at shoes ^^
    I still need to take some photos but my plans changed over the weekend and the flu has kept me in bed ever since … will have to bug my brother today for some photos 😛

  • There are so many shoes I loved now, from the collections, I want some of them! Well, since I saw the rules, I will maybe photgraph the number of shoes I acquired now in the UK (I told you I came from my country to the UK with 2 pairs of shoes only… 🙁 never did this in my whole life, but the exams are more important now… books took the place of shoes in the suitcase… and I’m leaving to France to stay some weeks there… so, 100-something pairs will remain “un-photographed” since they’re far far away. 300-something can only be photographed in the middle of March, as I promised… then I will send you the pic anyway! Wow, less than a week to start the challenge! (a-ham… I already have 8 pairs now 😉 the miracle of sales!!!)

    • It’s OK, as I said, I’ll only be publishing full collection photos until the challenge starts on Monday, so if you can’t manage by then, don’t worry about it, it was just a little extra thing 🙂

      • I know, and thanks, but it’s that this “extra thing” is soooo nice! I feel so excited about photographing the collection! But it’ll take a while, and in the meantime, as I said, the sales go on… I say, I’m happy I have an excuse to get some extra pairs!!!!

  • SO many pretty pairs. I can’t wait to see how people style everything. I love fashionitch’s photo layout too. So elegant. 🙂

  • oops, I emailed a link to my blog with the photos instead of photos, there should a a link to if on this comment anyway I guess…

  • We are your “army” of conquering shoe challengers.
    Foot Soldiers! Toe Troupers! Shoeper Shouldiers!
    Leg Legionnaires! Vamp Vanguard! Arch Archers!
    Sandal Samurai! Fashionable Free Booters!
    Pump Activists! Clog Warriors! Strappy Scrappers!
    Sequinned Slipper Sappers! Maryjane Marines!

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