Shoeper Shoe Challenge: Week One Roundup


Challengettes, I am completely blown away by your shoe-saving this week. So many shoes, so many great outfits, so many wonderful photos: thanks so much, all of you, for taking the time and effort and join in with the challenge – I think looking at your photos has definitely been the best part of my week!

Without further ado, then, I’m proud to present week one of the Shoeper Shoe Challenge, in all its glory. The gallery below contains all of the images I’d received by the time I finished putting this post together today, so if your photo isn’t here it means that either a) You didn’t email it to me (shoepershoechallenge b) It arrived after I’d hit “save” and stepped away from the computer, in which case it will appear in next week’s roundup or c) The Internet ate it: if that’s the case, I’m really sorry, but please feel free to re-submit it!

Great work, Challengettes: I can’t wait to see what you all come up with next week!


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