Rosette-Detailed Lace-Up Bootie by Chie Mihara

It must be difficult for shoe designers to come up with new ways to incorporate flowers into footwear, mustn’t it? After all, there’s really nothing new under the sun, and if we’ve seen one shoe with a flower on the toe, we must have seen a thousand of them, easily.

Props to Chie Mihara, then, for managing to make a flower-fronted shoe (or boot, in this case) which actually looks different. They’ve done it by nestling the flowers (and are those berries I see tucked away at the back? I think they are. Either that or… I have no idea.) into the crease where the toe meets the foot, where they somehow manage to look rather Christmassy, despite being a pair of tan lace-ups.

What do you think of these?

(Click here to buy them for $515)


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