Zara tan wedge heeled shoe boots

As regular readers will know, the colour tan is one of my shoe-related weaknesses: it makes such a great neutral, and while I’m particularly fond of the shade during summer, it also works well on winter boots, as these wedge shoe boots from Zara prove.

The sheer simplicity of these shoes is what makes them work so well, in my opinion. The uppers are streamlined and elegant, and the slimline wooden heel is the perfect compliment to the tan leather. Excellent with jeans and trousers, these cost £59.99 and you can click here to buy a pair from the new Zara website.


  • I tried them on in Zara, they are not the easiest to walk in( I liked them in the first place, but after walking in them in the shop, left without..

    • I agree completely: I also tried them on and although I do wear heels quite a lot, these were just impossible to walk in. Too bad …

  • I tried to buy them on there website but there not on it. Does anyone have the code for them as ive phone and they cant do anything for me without the code

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