River Island pointed pumps in green and blue

green and blue pointed court shoes

River Island pumps, £50

I’m a little bit obsessed with River Island at the moment. It’s one of those brands I seem to go through phases with: up until this season, it had been a long time since I’d seen anything I loved there, but right now I seem to be building up a fairly substantial wish list.

One (or rather, two) of the items on that list is this classic court shoe, which comes in a few different colours, including the bright green and blue versions shown above. Just about every fashion retailer out there has their own take on this style at the moment, but I think River Island’s is a particularly nice one: there’s really not a huge amount you can do with a pointed court to make it different, but they’ve done a good job here, with the contrasting, croc-print leather on the side panel, and the excellent colour choices.

Speaking of which: I really like the two colours shown, but it’s this, slightly lower-priced, gold version which really has me tempted:

gold pointed court shoes

Not bad for £45, huh?

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