Pretty Wellington boots from Miss Selfridge

Yes, you read that headline right: there IS such a thing as pretty Wellies, and I’m planning to get myself some: well, after being woefully unprepared for all the snow we endured last winter, I’m absolutely determined not to get caught out this year without some kind of waterproof boots!

Naturally, I’ve turned to my current footwear supplier of choice – Miss Selfridge – to help me in this quest. (And yes, I realise I’ve made Miss Selfridge sound like some kind of shoe-crack dealers, but let’s face it: they kind of are right now) Predictably enough, I’m most taken with the pale blue polka dot numbers above, but read on for some more options:

Floral wellies. We may not actually get to see too many flowers in winter, but at least we can wear them on our feet!

The sensible part of me says I should go for something classic, like these black croc-print wellies.

The less sensible part, however, says that red is always more fun: and think of all of those watery Ruby Shoedays!

Finally, the not-even-sightly-sensible part of me says I should forget wellies and spend the money on totally impractical shoes, instead. I know which part will probably win, too…


  • Sigh. Pretty wellies are pretty! I have to have plain dark green wellies 🙁 apparently blending into the countryside is important for watching birds. curse my stupid degree in bird watching.

  • I wish you could send me some. For some reason they are insanely expensive in Moscow, and still very expensive in the States. Could you please explain it to me, as an English/Scottish person, why do rubber boots have to cost $100, on the cheap side? When I was growing up in Russia (80s thru mid-90s), I had to wear them all the time at my farmhouse and on forest walks, and there were the cheapest shoes you could buy. That’s what you wore to shovel manure! (seriously, every Russian does this in late spring – preparing the fertilizer for our vegetable gardens). Now that they are a fashion item (since when btw?) and a Brit export, you can’t get a pair in Moscow for under $200. I will take those blue polka dot ones please.

    • I think the sad truth is that they charge that much purely because they know people are willing to pay that much, unfortunately: rubber boots have become a cutesy fashion item now!

  • Must have the blue polka dot Wellies, but they are not available thru the link you provide. Can you tell me where they may be found?

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