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If you’re a longtime ShoeperWoman reader, then I’m sure you I don’t even need to tell you about my ongoing love affair with the Breton stripe, do I? If you’re new to the site, on the other hand, well, it’s probably best that you be prepared, because here’s the thing: I like stripes. A lot, in fact. I realise that this is not even remotely original of me (Then again, I’ve never claimed to be anything but basic!): I mean, what fashion blogger doesn’t worship at the shrine of the stripe? Exactly.

There are good reasons why stripes are such a perennial fashion favourite, though: they’re fun, they’re bright, they’re a good way to inject a little bit of colour or print into an outfit… but at the same time, they’re classic, timeless, and, unlike many other prints, they’re also really easy to wear, and work well with just about everything.

Because of these reasons, I have more striped clothing than I can count: in fact, a few years ago, when we were on holiday, ShoeperMan actually took a photo of my open closet, which was almost entirely filled with stripes – I love them THAT much. Despite owning more than my fair share (And probably more than YOUR fair share, too, if the truth be told…) of stripes, however, I can always find room for one more – or a few more even. This is the one print I find virtually impossible to resist, so when I discovered new (to me) brand Armor Luxe at Spartoo this month, I was excited to have a brand new source of stripes. This brand sells mostly tops, with a few dresses and jackets thrown in for good measure. They also feature the classic Breton stripe, in a range of different colours, and while I haven’t tried them myself – yet – I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting round to that soon!


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