Marc Jacobs purple suede thigh high boots


Well, it looks like Marc Jacobs is determined to add the strange, turned-up toe to EVERYTHING this season.

Why, Marc? Why? Why must you lace your regular moments of genius with a large dollop of “ridiculous”. You see, I’d love these boost if it wasn’t for that toe. I love the colour. I love the fact that they’re suede, which always seems like a more wearable option than leather when it comes to thigh highs. I love the height, and the fact that they have a wide, Puss-in-Boots style top, rather than one that hugs the leg. And actually, I don’t really hate the toes – or not as much as I did when I first laid eyes on them, anyway. But the thing is, if I owned these, I just know that every time I looked at them I’d think, “If only they didn’t have those turned-up toes on them”, and if I was paying £1,260 for a pair of boots, they’d have to be pretty damn perfect.

Marc Jacobs purple thigh high boots, £1,260


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