Roger Vivier pink satin court shoes with gem embellishment


The Roger Vivier line certainly seems to be embracing all things pink this season, no?

These pink shoes are definitely a little more wearable than the last pair of pink RVs I showed you, in so far as a pair of bright pink skyscraper heels can ever be called “wearable”, that is. I love the shape of the sides and the giant jewel on the toes, and I’m intrigued by the … actually, what IS that on the heel? What would you call it? I think I’m going to call it a “nubbin”, with thanks to Chandler from Friends. And actually, although the Nubbin seems pretty pointless, I actually quite like it, and I don’t know why. Nubbin, nubbin, nubbin. Maybe I just like the word?

Anyway, these shoes are £859 at Colette, which means they may as well not even exist as far as I’m concerned, but they did allow me to use the word “nubbin” in a blog post. Every cloud…

Roger Vivier pink peep toes, £859


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