Louis Vuitton high heeled Wellington boots

Louis Vuitton high heeled Wellington boots

We’ve had over a week of torrential rain here, now. We’re talking serious, Biblical-style rain: the kind that makes you not want to leave your house for days and keeps you awake at night thanks to the sound of it drumming on the windows. Weather like this makes me glad of my Lady Dragon shoes: sure, my feet get wet, but at least the shoes don’t get ruined! As we get closer to winter, though, my thoughts turn towards rain boots: specifically these rain boots by Louis Vuitton.

If I absolutely HAVE to wear wellies – and it seems that I will, if this weather continues – I want them to be these ones. In fact, I want to wear these ALL the time, whether it’s raining or not, they’re THAT beautiful. And look, they come in other colours, too!

High heeled wellies by Louis VuittonAs they’re Louis Vuitton, they’re probably worth more than my car, but on the plus side, at least they’re practical for the weather right now, which is more than can be said for most of my shoes. (I know, a heel that high isn’t exactly “practical”. I’m trying my best to justify this here, though, so bear with me…) These will be available soon at Vuitton boutiques. I promise not to complain about the weather EVER AGAIN if someone buys me a pair…



  • They are lush. I am all over that red pair!
    I remember the sniggers and finger pointing from family and friends when Matt bought me a pair of the Jimmy Choo Hunter wellies. How much they all squawked. I had the last laugh as they are never off my feet with our weather. I even wear them in the Summer with shorts, when the sky looks a bit unpredictable (which is almost all the time in Belfast). Money well spent! xx

  • Those are pretty cool, although high-heeled wellies sound ridiculous. That said, I prefer wellies to boots – I can never find boots that aren’t too wide for my legs so they all look like wellies on me anyway. In the colder weather I’m all about wellies outside, nice shoes inside! x

  • If I’d be able to wear super high heels and not die, I’d absolutely want these. I’m all about looking fab, even when there is rain. But as I’m completely incompetent in the high arts of wearing heels, I’m gonna stick with my good ol’ flats and traditional wellies.

  • They’d be good in the rain but pretty useless for the horrible ice we had last year. What does Shoeperwoman do when faced with an icy pavement?!

  • For me, rainboots equal not only rain, but mud and many puddles. Both of which have the potential to make me slip and fall on my ass (it has happened before). And even with my high heel walking prowess, I am loath to add any other factors that will lead to my ass planting on either concrete or mud. While I have multiple pairs of high heeled boots, if it’s raining I go for flats. Or possibly wedges if I’m feeling daring.

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