Miu Miu glitter zip-back booties

You could’ve guessed these boots were by Miu Miu without even reading the title of this post, couldn’t you? The glitter is a dead givewaway…

Now, glitter wouldn’t be the first thing I’d choose to have on boots, but as the UK appears to be determined to cling onto winter ALL THE TIME, I guess I can see how some rather more glamorous boots could come in handy. These might be a bit much for normal daywear, mind you, but the all-black uppers help to tone them down just a little, although “toned down” isn’t generally what you’re looking for if you’re in the market for glitter-covered footwear, is it?

What do you think of these? If you love them, head over to Bergdorf Goodman, where they’re $675.


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