Jimmy Choo Embellished Open-Toe Ankle Boots

Jimmy Choo

I’d quibble over the description of these as “boots”, and I’d like them a whole lot better without the slightly pointless (in my opinion, anyway) mesh panel on the side, but those two points aside, I think what I really want to say about these shoes is just “wow”. And also: “That’s a whole lotta bling.” (I hate the word “bling”. Sorry.)

The Jimmy Choo name alone is enough to tell you that these won’t come cheap, but the existence of all those embellishments pushes the price up even higher, taking it to £1218.99. Personally, as with any shoe of this style, I’d worry about losing one or more of the embellishments: knowing me, that wouldn’t be hard to do, and it would just take a couple of missing pieces to ruin them for me. If you’re willing to take that risk, though, or are just much less clumsy than I am, you can buy these at Saks.

What do you think of them?


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