Patricia Blanchet ‘Mlle Nounouche’ green suede sandals

green suede sandals

green suede vintage look sandals

Patricia Blanchet ‘Mlle Nounouche’, £116

I’ve had these shoes bookmarked ever since my last Patricia Blanchet post, but it seems I may have waited too long to show you them, because the stock levels are looking dangerously low at the moment: gah!

I can’t say I’m surprised: these are seriously lovely shoes, with a couple of really nice little touches, such as the little sequin hearts on the heels. Like the last pair of Patricia Blanchet sandals I featured here, these have a definite vintage feel to them, with a lower-than-average heel, and a bejewelled embellishment on the green suede toe. Speaking of green suede, the colour of these shoes is particularly appealing to me, being one of my favourite colours. Even if it wasn’t, though, I’d still have a lot of love for the old-fashioned glamour of these sandals: they offer plenty of proof that a shoe doesn’t have to have a huge heel, a giant platform, or a blinged-up upper in order to be sexy and beautiful – these are both of those things, but in an understated, sophisticated kind of way.

Sadly, however, I’m obviously not the only one to love these, and, as I mentioned at the start of this post, they’re selling out fast: head over to Sarenza to check if your size is still available.

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  • I really adore these but for the life of me cannot get shoes with straps like that to stay on my feet properly. Obviously I’m defective in some way.

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