Manolo Blahnik BB Polka Dot Canvas Pumps

Manolo Blahnik polka dot pumps

Manolo Blahnik polka dot heels

Manolo Blahnik pumps, £442.89

I love polka dots, and I’m not averse to the odd pair of canvas shoes, either, as I’m sure most of you know by now. What I AM averse to, however, is the idea of paying £442 for a pair of canvas shoes, so while these Manolo Blahnik’s are nice to look at, that’s definitely ALL I’ll be doing.

As far as “just looking” goes, however, they’re certainly easy on the eye, using an off-white upper (A very brave choice, considering the materials used, here. I think we have to assume that these are intended for people who don’t plan to be doing a whole lot of walking in them… or maybe just those lucky enough to live in very dry climates, who don’t have to worry about ruining them!) with a red and black polka print. These three colours are simple, but very effective together, and the smattering of dots also helps make the effect more subtle than many of the other spot prints we’re seeing at the moment.

The shape, meanwhile, is classic Manolo, and if you can keep these in good condition, they’re the kind of style that will last for a long time.

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  • They are giving me a spin on the nautical theme kind of vibe, probably because of the colors. I like them, but again, I’ve never met a canvas shoe I found comfortable and ‘maintainable’

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