Topshop ‘Gizmo’ ankle strap court shoes

white stiletto shoes blue court shoes with ankle strap

Topshop ‘Gizmo’, £48

More than more these days I’m coming across shoes that remind me of styles from maybe 8 – 10 years ago: not old enough to be “retro” or “vintage”, but not quite modern, either. I’m not sure quite how I feel about this. On the one hand, I’ve now fully embraced the return of pointed toes, which is something I thought would never, ever happen, but I’m just not sure I’m ready for pointed toes AND d’orsay cuts AND ankle straps. It’s all a bit “noughties” for me, and I think it might take a little while longer for me to stop thinking of these styles as “dated” and start seeing them as just another type of shoe again.

With that said, I do like Topshop’s ‘Gizmo’ court shoes, especially in the bright blue version shown above. Yes, I could live without the ankle strap, but I could live WITH it too, for this wonderful colour. Actually, when I see what these look like on, I start to think I could live with the whole thing, so maybe it won’t take me QUITE as long to get used to this kind of style after all:

blue shoes with white shirt

Not with the shirt-as-dress look, though. Uh-uh. I don’t think I’d EVER get used to that…

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