Charlotte Olympia ‘Wallace’ red satin sandals

Charlotte Olympia 'Wallace' red satin sandals Charlotte Olympia 'Wallace' red satin sandals

Charlotte Olympia ‘Wallace’ red satin sandals, £595

These ‘Wallace’ sandals by Charlotte Olympia fall into that small – but fabulous – category of “shoes that look even better from the back than they do from the front. That category is a particular favourite of mine, but with that said, these only just edge into it: not because they’re not fabulous from the back, but because they’re almost equally fabulous from every angle, aren’t they?

The dark red satin is particularly lovely on these shoes, which would have been perfect for the party season. As they’re a little too late for that, though, I guess we’ll just have to dream up some other excuse to wear them: which shouldn’t be any real hardship, should it?

Also at Net-a-Porter right now:

white double-breasted Blamain blazer

A Balmain blazer is one of my fantasy purchases, and I blame the Kardashians for this. Yes, you read that right: I’m citing the Kardashians as a source of fashion inspiration, and I’m not even sorry. Say what you like about them, but those women have some amazing closets, and a penchant for beautifully tailored blazers that I can’t help but admire. Kim would probably wear this one over either a bodycon midi dress or a pair of leather leggings (and, again, I have to admit I’d probably love both of those looks…), but it’s the kind of thing that would look fantastic with a pair of blue jeans, or a floral print dress. Maybe this one, for instance:

Oscar de la Renta floral silk prom dress

OK, ya got me: I just wanted any excuse to show you this dress, because isn’t it gorgeous? I do think it could look good with the blazer – it’s one of those combinations I’d need to see on to know for sure – but even if it didn’t work, I’m sure there are lots of other things you could find to wear with it instead!

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