Chocolate Schubar ‘Nabou’ platforms

 Chocolate Schubar 'Nabou' platforms

 Chocolate Schubar 'Nabou' platforms

 Chocolate Schubar ‘Nabou’ platforms, £63

Well, I think this definitely has to count as one of the more unusual shoe embellishments we’ve seen lately, no?

I’m actually not even sure how best to describe it: I guess I’d say it’s a wire flower, but I can’t help thinking it looks more like the kind of ornament you’d find sitting out on display in a bowl, say, than something you’d find on top of a shoe.

None of this is intended as a criticism, however. Chocolate Schubar is a brand I really only started to pay attention to last year, but it’s already a brand I’m pretty fond of, and I kind of love these taupe patent pumps – as much for the studded trim and almond toe as for the unusual approach to embellishment. It all adds up to a very sophisticated looking shoe, and it also looks good in black, with the silver flower really standing out against the patent upper.

These would make a great office shoe with a twist – just be prepared to answer lots of questions about what that actually IS on your toe…

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