Zara shiny two-part ‘Vamp’ heels

Zara shiny two-part 'Vamp' heels

Zara shiny two-part ‘Vamp’ heels, £49.99

These shoes are a style I’ve really come to associate with Zara in the past year. The two-part shape, the slim ankle strap and heel, the decorated upper – they all seem very typical of the brand’s current offerings, and I’ve liked all of the other shoes they’ve released in this kind of style, so I guess it’s no great shock that I also love these ones.

Actually, it was really only when I viewed these in close-up that I fell for them. At first, I thought they were pretty, but not really wish-list material. The image above is what changed my mind. That pale pink upper with its sprinkling of silver studs is seriously gorgeous, and although the studs suggest these should be worn as an evening shoe, and there’s no doubt they’d be perfect for that purpose, I instantly started imagining them with boyfriend jeans, or something similarly dressed-down.

These also come in a gold and black upper: as always, my preference is for the paler colour, but I think this shoe works just as well either way.

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