Jean-Michel Cazabat zebra print peep toes

I’ve long been a fan of animal print on shoes and accessories (although not on anything else, it has to be said), but when I do wear animal print, it always tends to be of the leopard variety. I’ve been totally neglecting the rest of the animal kingdom, in other words, so I’m putting that right today by showing you these zebra print peep toes by Jean-Michel Cazabat.

Although the print is on the wild side (no pun intended. Well, OK, maybe a bit intended…), the rest of the shoe has been kept really simple here, which I think is the only way to wear animal print. I must admit, I still prefer my standard leopard print, but if you want to dabble with the zebras, you can click here to buy these from Shopbop, where they’re $260.


  • Oh Shoeperwoman, I have been avoiding your website because you tempt me to no end with gorgeous shoes, but then you had to go and feature these beauties, saw their image through my bloglovin feed and I was instantly hooked… hooked I tell ya, hooked! zebra print has also been neglected by me…sadly, way out of my budget but sooooo pretty!

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