Giuseppe Zanotti green glitter toe cap ballet flats

Giuseppe Zanotti is best known for his stiletto heels, but he does make other types of shoes, too, from time to time, including that old classic, the toe-cap ballet flat. If you were expecting Zanottis ballet flats to be as classic and – let’s just say it – boring as the rest of the genre (or most of it, anyway), you can think again. Well, it wouldn’t be like Zanotti to make an ordinary shoe, now, would it?

Nope, these have been doused in a huge dose of emerald green glitter, and then dipped in the gold version of the stuff for good measure. The effect is oddly Christmassy for me: I know I’ve talked a lot about green and gold, and my enduring love for that particular colour combination, but I think this is a little bit too much, even for me. For some reason, I’m imagining Santa’s (female) elves wearing these. Is that just me?

As I’ve also mentioned once or twice or a thousand-and-eleven times, I refuse to pay more than around £20 for ballet flats (and normally much less than that, if the truth be told), so the thought of paying £300 for these ones makes me feel almost as green as they are. If that sounds just fine to you, however, you can click here to buy them direct from the designer.


  • I can just imagine little elfs running around in these now 😀 They look too special to be worn everyday (especially with the price) maybe they’ll do for those who don’t/can’t wear heels? They’re nice though.

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