Polka dot shoes: Rochas 150mm dot canvas pumps

Polka dot shoes


Polka dot shoes


Polka dot shoes


Polka dot shoes, £460

For much of last year, I seemed to spend a lot of time talking about how platforms were on the way out, replaced by the pointed-toe pumps with absolutely no height on the sole, which seemed to have taken over the fashion world. Well, those pointed toe pumps are still very much in evidence, but it looks like the platform is going through a bit of a revival, and I’m noticing more and more giant soles, like the ones on these Rochas polka dot shoes, starting to appear in stores again.

This change in direction is actually pretty interesting to me. The consensus of opinion here at ShoeperWoman.com seems to be that most of you hate high platforms – or are maybe just tired of seeing so many of them. I still see lots of people wearing them, though: on an evening out last weekend, I noticed that most women in the bar were wearing high platform shoes, so I guess there’s definitely still a market there for them.

Is there a market for these specific ones, I wonder? Well, you all know how much I love polka dot shoes, but these ones are just a bit too much even for me. I’d love this print on a lower shoes, but I think a bold print is often best paired with a slightly LESS bold shape, if that makes sense. These shoes have that very chunky, 70s-inspired shape which has been popping up a lot recently, and the overall effect is very loud, and almost cartoonish. All of that said, I do think they’re great to look at, and I reckon they could definitely be made to work, with some careful styling.

What do you think: are they too much, or are they just right?

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  • I’d like them if the back of the heel wasn’t so stubbornly at 90% to the horizontal. I quite like the lower version of chunky heels (provided they have the right angle), and just got some boots like that (to wear with trousers).

    What annoys me more are the flatforms that are completely flat, as unless you’re very slim and petite they make you look like some sort of Frankenstein creation.

  • I love these shoes…. I just bought them a little while ago and they are just striking. There is a retro feel to them but as you said careful styling is what they require. I usually go with a monotone look and let the shoes take over.

    The best part it really makes me look tall! Great for a night out!

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