Friday Fix Flashback: Christian Louboutin Moon Bow pumps

blue Christian Louboutin peep toes with bow

I came across this photo earlier in the week, and even although these shoes are years old, and no longer being made, I knew I had to feature it as this week’s Friday Fix.

These, you see, are Christian Louboutin’s Moon Bow pumps. They were the very first pair of Louboutins I ever saw “in real life”, the first pair I fell in love with, and the main reason I became interested in the brand which was to become my all-time favourite. They’re basically the reason the Friday Louboutin Fix exists, in other words.

It was the year of my wedding. My mum and I were shopping in Glasgow for some wedding-related things I’ve long since forgotten, we walked into House of Fraser, and there they were. “My” pair (I still think of them as mine, even although I didn’t actually buy them) were red, rather  than navy, which made them even more fabulous. Add in the sexy shape and that fabulous little polka dot bow, and I was completely blown away by them. Until then, I’d seen Louboutins in photos, of course, but I’d never seen the real thing, and it was just SO MUCH BETTER than I’d imagined. Even now, I think these shoes are far better in real life than they appear in photos: even the chunkiest shoes in the collections are always slimmer, lighter and more elegant than you expect they’re going to be, and just all-round fabulous, basically.

I didn’t buy them.

Oh, don’t get me wrong: nothing would have made me happier than to wear a pair of bright red Louboutins on my wedding day, but the budget was already stretched to the max, and there was no way I could possibly have justified the cost. I still think about them to this day, though, and they remain my favourite Louboutins of all time. If they were ever re-released, well, I’d have a hard time resisting, let’s put it that way.

So tell me: do you have a favourite pair of Louboutins? Which were the ones that made you love the brand (assuming that you do, of course!)?


  • The pigalles are my absolute favourite, so classic, yet so modern, I love (almost) all Louboutins, but the pigalle will always be my beloved! Why do we love Louboutin? It’s so much more than the shoes, it’s the tradition, the beauty, the opulence, the red sole, the luxury and the pure love! My Louboutins sit on my dresser like a prized piece of jewellery, they remind me of such a brilliant day, such a brilliant trip, such a brilliant experience and a reminder that the French can be kind, friendly and helpful even when you have to pass the security guard to get in the door and he’s rather scary!

  • so for you owners of Louboutin, can you tell me if they are confortable ? The curve is so extreme, it seems you couldn’t walk for long wearing them. So tell me the truth is it just for the beauty or can you walk in the city ?
    And of course I love them and I might buy a pair one day !
    Eléonore (a friendly french woman !)

    • A 5″ heel isn’t designed to be “comfortable” in the way a pair of sneakers is, for instance, (And obviously comfort is subjective: what I find comfortable, you could find impossible to walk in, or vice versa) but yes, I can walk in them – I wouldn’t buy shoes that I was unable to walk in, especially at that price.

  • Do you know, I couldn’t even tell you at what point I fell in love with Louboutin, or what particular pair set it off. It’s like I can’t remember a time that a red sole didn’t symbolise a beautiful shoe for me. It’s strange because he hasn’t been around all that long really in the grand scheme of fashion houses, but somehow that trademark sole imprinted on me without me even noticing!

    I do remember the first pair I ever tried on though, they were Posiedons, in silver. Fairly recent really as I’d never dared place my foot in one before, but I still swoon a little when I spot the odd pair on eBay!

  • I bought a pair of peacock blue peep toes with a silver inlay under the toe in San Francisco nearly five years ago. They are actually a bit small for me now but I love them with every fibre of my being and refuse to get rid of them. I cannot for the life of me remember the style but as soon as I saw them I had to have them. My second pair were red Hyper Prives and I love them just as much.

  • The Bianca heels in Merlot as worn by Alex Kingston as River Song on Doctor Who. Love, love, love those shoes!

  • My first Louboutins were Turquoise Suede Daffodiles and also, the first ones I saw in real life but the ones that made me love, and when I say love, I mean LOVE, the brand were the Black Alti Pumps with the black spikes that I think were featured here ages ago. Those shoes, they’re the ones that got away (I got a pair of Lady Peeps with the same Black on Black spikes though! Next best thing!). But, basically, you’re the reason I even found out about the amazingness of Louboutins! So, Thanks. 🙂

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