Melissa ‘Incense’ bow heel pumps

pink shoes with bow on heel pink bow on heel of shoe silver glitter shoe with bow on heel

Melissa court shoes, £88.79

Although I’m a huge fan of Vivienne Westwood’s collaborations with Brazilian brand Melissa, I’m guilty of neglecting many of the brand’s other creations, which is a shame, really, because these ‘Incense’ court shoes are right up my street.

These are made from the plastic uppers Melissa is famous for, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it to look at them, because the pink version is covered in a flocked fabric, while the silver one is all decked out in glorious glitter. Having only ever worn Melissa’s open-toed slingbacks, which give the feet plenty of breathing space, I can’t comment on how comfortable the plastic upper would be on a closed shoe, but I CAN comment on the cute little heel bow and curved sides, both of which I (predictably) love to bits.

These are available in a wider range of colours than the two shown here, and Spartoo also currently have them in shiny red and black too.

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  • I just don’t know about the plastic insides. But I am a fan of the silver version, in looks if nothing else.

  • I have these in black glitter! They’re such a beautiful shoe, and they actually are really comfy for plastic shoes. I also found as they’re plastic they don’t hurt the balls of your feet as much as they’re quite bouncy.

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