Dress of the Day | Diva Catwalk New York dress

Diva Catwalk New York dress

Diva Catwalk New York dress, £120

Diva Catwalk is another brand whose dresses I love to look at: I don’t actually own any yet, but I’ll hopefully change that sooner or later – and if/when I do, this ‘New York’ dress will be near the top of my shopping list.

Available in five different colours, including this navy and cream mix, which is my favourite, this is the pencil dress done really, really well. Diva Catwalk are best known for occassionwear and vintage-inspired dresses (It’s no surprise that I love them, then…), and this dress definitely falls into the latter category thanks to the bow neckline, fitted shape and little cap sleeves.

Here are some other Diva Catwalk picks:

Diva Catwalk Katia dress

The ‘Katia’ dress has a wrap-detail front, and comes in three pretty floral prints. The simple bodice stops the design from being too fussy, while the folds at the waist add a bit of interest to the shape.

abberton swing dress

At first glance, the Abberton swing dress might seem a little too plain to merit a mention, but this kind of style can be truly stunning, and very classic. If you want to dress it up, you can easily do so with jewellery or a fun pair of shoes – if black isn’t for you, meanwhile, this also comes in a range of colours, as is the case with most of this brand’s dresses.

green boat neck dress

If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, I’m sure I won’t have to tell you why I like my final pick, which is the Agatha dress. If you’re new to the site, however, well, the boat-neck top, the long sleeves, and the emerald green colour would all be good enough on their own, but put them together, and it’s pure Kryptonite to me: if this wasn’t £156, and totally out of my budget right now, I’d already own it!

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