Carlos by Carlos Santana Ingenue knee-high boots


Even after all this time, it still blows my mind a little that Carlos Santana has a shoe line. Is that just me? And not just that, but a shoe line that has so far failed to produce a single shoe I’ve liked. At all.

But these ‘Ingenue’ boots. Hmmm. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I love them, but I might not actively hate them. I have a feeling the trim on the sides could go either way: it could look fabulous, or it could look like part of some kind of costume, although what kind I don’t know. And actually, now I come to write this post, it occurs to me that “I don’t know” is my over-riding feeling about these. Which is helpful, I’m sure.

Do YOU know what you think of these boots? And if so: WHAT?

Carlos by Carlos Santana ‘Ingenue’ boots, $188.95 at Amazon


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