Sequin ribbon bootoes from Charlotte Russe

sequin-ribbon-bootiesYup, it’s sequins. Yes, AGAIN. And sorry, but you’re probably going to have to just resign yourself to seeing a whole lot more of them, because trust me, they’re here to stay. Well, until Christmas at least which, in fashion terms, is more or less forever.

Even although there’s a strong whiff of “peep toe boot” from these Charlotte Russe booties, I find I can forgive them for it, probably because the asymmetric shape reminds me of the Dolce & Gabbana ankle boots I showed you back in May. Of course, the shape is all these have in common with their designer cousins, but while the gold and silver versions don’t do much for me, I think the black ones have potential as a party shoe, and at $29.99, they don’t cost too much, either. If you’d like to give them a whirl, you can pick up a pair at Charlotte Russe.


  • I bought these in Silver. I love them, but the peep toe mangles my toes whenever I wear them. I have to get some of that sticky tape you can put on shoes to prevent blisters. And the heel is nearly 5 inches high. So they are not for walking long distances in or for standing for a long time in.

    They are so cute though, but maybe a little too much for daytime. Since I hardly ever go out at night, I am not getting as much wear out of them as I’d like. I don’t think Charlotte Russe sells these anymore…I bought them the first week of August and I went back a few weeks later and they were gone.

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