Giuseppe Zanotti 150mm suede spike sculptural wedges

Giuseppe Zanotti 150mm suede spiked sculptural wedges

giuseppe zanotti sculptural wedges heel

No, I would’t wear them.

No, I wouldn’t even buy them just to look at: well, they ARE £2,074, after all.

Yes, I do kinda love them, in a “they’re not even remotely practical, and I’d never, ever wear them, but wow, just look at them,” kind of way.

And yes, I’ve been “just looking at them” for quite some time now. And also wondering how much damage I’d do within the first hour of trying to walk around with giant spikes sticking out of my heels…

BUY: Giuseppe Zanotti 150mm suede spike sculptural wedges, £2,074
Click here to buy them at Louisa Via Roma.

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