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I’ve mentioned in the past that I have something of a love/hate relationship with Yoox.com. I love it for the amazing selection of products, and the fantastic bargains it offers, but I hate it because the site is just so huge that sometimes finding those bargains can take a bit of work.

OK, “hate” is definitely the wrong word here: I don’t hate it at all. How could I hate a site that’s so jam-packed with beautiful shoes? It’s impossible, isn’t it? I know I don’t visit the site as often as I should, however, purely because one visit can end up lasting hours, so in a bid to rectify that, I’ve decided to do a regular check-in to see what’s available. I shop for shoes so you don’t have to, in other words.

For my first roundup, I arrived at Yoox.com just in time for a new delivery of shoes by one of my favourite brands, Casadei. As you probably know, Yoox.com is a discount site which stocks past-season shoes and clothing, sold at a discount. These are all designer brands, so when I say “discount”, you have to understand that you’re still going to be paying considerably more than you would at Topshop, say, but still considerably LESS than you would have if the shoes were new. Unlike many discount sites (Yes, The Outnet, I AM looking at you…), they tend to have a fairly wide range of sizes still available, though, so if you’ve been coveting a particular style that’s long since sold out, it can be a great place to look.

Here are my favourites from the current Casadei selection:

Casadei multicoloured slip-ons

Casadei, £269

These Casadei pumps are really unusual, with their d’orsay cut side and multicoloured upper. They’re also available in a blue colourway, and have a really nice vintage feel to them.

Casadei thigh-high boots

Thigh high boots, £520

These are £520, which is expensive by most people’s standards, even although it’s less than they’d have cost at full retail. I have to tell you, there’s not much I wouldn’t do for these boots. I swear by thigh-high styles in the winter: I find them much more flattering than knee or calf-high boots under dresses and skirts, and this shade is close enough to my skin tone that I find it will work with everything I own. That’s not just guesswork, by the way: I have a similar pair by Sam Edleman, which have more than earned their keep in the couple of years I’ve owned them (I would seriously be lost without those boots), but they’re not nearly as nicely shaped as these ones, which I covet terribly. Moving on…

red studded high heels by Casadei

Red studded pumps, £470

I think a modern-day Dorothy might be looking for one of her shoes, don’t you?

Casadei black pumps with pink toe-caps

neon toecap pumps, £385

These were £690 when they were released last year. Now they’re “just” £385. I don’t expect to convince you they’re a bargain, but… they’re definitely less expensive than they were, so hey.

red patent mary janes

red patent Mary Janes, £279

Red patent Mary Janes with a sweetheart vamp? Doesn’t get much better than that.

pink suede peep toes

pink suede peep toes, £330

I can almost feel the softness of the suede just by LOOKING at these.

Finally, for the woman who loves Mary Janes, but who also loves spikes and bows, here’s a combination of all three:

black studded mary janes

Black studded Mary Janes, £395


Of course, there’s plenty more where that little lot came from, so if you want to have a browse, take a look here: just don’t blame me if you lose the next few hours of your life by clicking on that link…

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  • I think the boots are totally worth the money, bc practicality. Otherwise this sale doesnt feel like a sale really. But my faves are the bright multi-color pumps.

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