Budget ballet flats by George at Asda

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times recently, this year I’ve been on a bit of a mission to increase my collection of flats. Because I don’t wear them all that often, though (And tend to be pretty hard on them when I do), I’m generally too mean to want to spend much cash on flats, so when I found these ones in Asda last week, for just £7 per pair, I knew at least one pair would be coming home with me.

As it turned out, two pairs ended up coming home with me – one green, one black – but it could’ve been so much worse than that, because they had these in a bunch of other colours, too, including red and blue patent versions, both of which were rather nice. They had the black version with a patent upper too, but I decided to go with the matte finish, because they were a little more stretchy, and therefore more comfortable.

Last week also saw the arrival of these little gold flats into my shoe closet:

These were a gift from my parents, and are in a great, go-with-anything goldy-bronze colour, which should prove really versatile.

Now, I’m in two minds whether or not to include these shoes in my Shoe Challenge total. Because I only ever really wear flats for convenience (i.e. I’ll wear them around the house, or if I have to run out on a quick errand, or do a lot of walking for some reason, but I don’t ever create outfits around them), and tend to wear them out quite quickly, I never really see them as permanent members of my shoe collection. I did include a couple of pairs this year, though, so maybe I’ll include these ones too: the jury’s still out!


  • I have three pairs of those George flats – red patent, purple patent and grey animal print. They are really comfortable and great vaule although the price appears to have crept up slightly from the £6 I paid last year but still a great bargain! I’m sure I got the purple ones for £3 in the sale after Christmas.

  • Cute bargain flats!! I’m also in the opinion to non include flats (all about the only “dressy” one, in my case :D) in S.S.Challege, because…really, the most times my outfit with flas are so boring..jeans-monocolor turtleneck-flats…:P
    (the green ones are in my mind, now…*_*)

    • Yeah, this is exactly the thing – I only ever wear them with super-casual, really boring outfits (or as slippers around the house), so I just think it would be quite boring to include them. Plus, I’ll probably have wrecked them by next February anyway, which means there wouldn’t be much point in saving them!

  • I’m including my flats in my shoe challenge because I have so many and I’m not sure I wear them all…but if you wear flats as flip-flops, then I’d say don’t bother putting them in the challenge. It’s mostly about the challenging shoes anyway, right?

  • I like the green ones!

    I would include them in the challenge. As you say, you hardly ever wear flats, so maybe it’s the opportunity to challenge yourself and wear flats with a not so casual outfit, just for a change 🙂

  • i have the red ptent shoes in the same style and the black ones too, which i use for school because they are SO much better than the usual clunky Clarks ones!

  • Oh I love the green ones! I’ve been looking for a pair of shoes in that exact colour. No ASDA here though so my search will continue. I would include them in the challenge for variety. It will make precarious wall posing a tad easier too :o)

  • I think they’re adorable, and I’d vote to include them in the shoe challenge too. If they were purely utilitarian (like running shoes), you wouldn’t have bought 3 pairs. 😉

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