Penny Loves Kenny suede two-tone ‘Tetra’ pumps with studs

Aaaaaand we’re back! Did everyone have a good Christmas (assuming, of course, that you celebrate it)? Did you find any new pairs of shoes under the tree?

I figured most of you are probably all Christmas-ed out after the last few days (I know I am), so today I bring you a shoe that’s neither red nor green nor glitter-covered, or, indeed, in any way “festive”. Think if it as the calm in the middle of the Christmas-New Year storm.

That’s not, of course, to say that this shoe doesn’t have charms of its own. Penny Loves Kenny isn’t a brand I’ve featured here before, but it’s one I’ll definitely be keeping a closer eye on, now that I’ve seen this vision of blue and grey loveliness. The cool blue and grey upper is very welcome after the sequin-storm we’ve been living through this month, and the studs on the toe amp it up a little (and also remind me of another shoe, which I just can’t quite place at the moment. Any ideas?).

So, I have to ask: we know Penny Loves Kenny, but do YOU love Penny Loves Kenny?

These are also available in black and brown, and are $89.99 at Click here to buy them.


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