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As I’m sure many of you know, today Scotland votes on the question of whether or not it should become an independent country.

Later tonight, Terry and I will be heading out to anxiously await the results with our family. It’s probably going to be a long, tense night, so my outfit is designed for comfort first and foremost – with my favourite shoes for luck. (Don’t worry, they’ll be kicked off soon enough, I’m sure!)

OOTD : J Crew and Zara


Unlike my last OOTD (Outfit of the Day) post, these links (with the exception of the bag, which is sold out) are all to the exact items I’m wearing right now. The Zara trench is the one I wrote about in this post, and although the weather is still pretty good for September, I’ve already had quite a bit of wear out of it: enough to convince me it was a sensible purchase, anyway! The trousers, meanwhile, are brand new, and were a gift from my parents, who’ve just returned from two weeks in the States. J Crew’s ‘Minnie’ pants are my all-time favourite trousers, and are the perfect mix of smart/casual, with a cropped leg which is slim, but not skintight, and which I don’t have to have hemmed: amazing! I already had these in black, and have worn them to death, so I’d asked my parents to bring me back a replacement. (We can, of course, order from the J Crew website here in the UK, but the items are cheaper in America) They very generously brought me the navy version as well as the black ones, and this is the second time I’ve worn them this week, so you can tell how much I like them. I’d seriously buy these trousers in every single colour they’re made in: I really hope they never stop making them!

The shirt, meanwhile, has also featured in a Wishlist post, and is another item which is fairly new, but which has already been worn multiple times. This is actually the first shirt I’ve bought in years: I’ve always associated them with school uniform and various office jobs I’ve had in the past, which means I tend to think of them as a little bit stuffy and uncomfortable. This one is anything but, however: it’s proved to be super-versatile, and I love the fact that it’s casual, but still fairly smart.

I’m taking a day off tomorrow for the referendum results: I’ve lined up the Friday Fix post as usual, but haven’t been able to line up my Week in Shoes (to be completely honest, I’ve been so distracted by the referendum that I’ve been forgetting to photograph them), so it will return next week.

What’s your OOTD?

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