Topshop ‘Gemini’ red suede court shoes

red pointed toe court shoes

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Topshop ‘Gemini’ red suede court shoes, £46

Over the past few years, Topshop somehow got REALLY good at making court shoes. There was ‘Glam‘. There was ‘Gwenda‘.  And now, continuing in the ‘names beginning with the letter G’ tradition, here’s ‘Gemini’.

As well as the red suede version shown above, these also come in black suede and nude patent. Three of the best, most versatile colours, as far as I’m concerned, and as pointed pumps have been all I’ve been wanting to wear lately, I’m fairly sure that if I bought all three, I could probably get through a good few weeks/months without ever wearing another shoe. (Don’t worry, I’m not about to try it – there are just too many pretty shoes on the shelves for me to want to restrict myself to that extent! Mind you, it WOULD make deciding what to wear every morning a whole lot easier…)

red pumps and stripe skirt

 H&M skirt   ♥  River Island t-shirt  ♥  Wallis coatigan  ♥  Brooks Brothers handbag  ♥ NARS lipstick

These shoes are everything we’ve come to expect from Topshop’s current run of pumps: high (but not ankle-breakingly high) heel, pointed toe, low vamp and sides. This style of shoe is basically the “wardrobe basic” of footwear, which is probably why Topshop release a variation on it every year. It’s the shoe equivalent of the white t-shirt/black pants/blue jeans – or whatever it is that you consider to be your personal “basics”. For me, red pumps definitely fall into that category, and while I consider them something of a neutral, one of my favourite ways to wear them is with black and white stripes, as in the outfit above. Oh, and I’m STILL loving the slogan t-shirt, as you can see: I just need to find one with an appropriately “shoeper” message on the front!

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